Mother's Day Photography Gift Ideas

Mother's Day Photography Gift Ideas

A backpack to carry all her gear.

Lightweight with a slim profile, the Cityscape 71 backpack can carry a camera body, speedlight, and multiple lenses, with enough space leftover for a small tripod, water bottle, and laptop. Available in Charcoal Grey and Hazelnut Brown.

The perfect compact travel companion.

The XC-M 522C is our smallest, travel friendly tripod that folds down to just over 12 inches! Customize her tripod by picking out any of the available XC-M accessories - making this a unique gift to her photographic style.

Something for those sunnier days ahead.

Cut down the amount of light reaching her camera on super sunny days. By adding an ND filter, you can shoot with wide-aperture lenses in bright light without overexposing or get creative with using slower shutter speeds to emphasize movement.

Help her stay organized.

Store and protect her memory cards and precious images with the Rugged Memory Case. The hard plastic exterior shell can withstand drops, impact, dirt, and moisture. The Rugged case is water resistant and even floats! Available for SD, Micro SD, XQD, CFexpress, and CF cards. Find the right fit for her cards here.

The Impulse Handy Case helps to keep you organized no matter what! Keep track of small accessories that you might otherwise lose in a larger camera bag. Perfect for charging cables, spare batteries, filters, hard drives, and action cameras. Available in light grey and black.

Still need more ideas on what to get mom? Head over to your local camera store for some help picking out the perfect gift! Check out our other gear guides and sign up here to learn all about our product launches and news.

Press Release: ProMaster Unveils XC-M Tripod Series

Press Release: ProMaster Unveils XC-M Tripod Series